WINEGRID and Enartis teamed up at Barossa Valey, in Australia for WINE ENG 2023 event, dedicated to the winemaking industry. Taking place from July 26th to the 27th, this event was a unique opportunity for industry professionals to gather and explore the latest advancements in winemaking technology. WINE ENG 2023 featured a conference, trade exhibition, and site visits showcasing technology in action. WINEGRID and Enartis established valuable connections that hold the potential to shape the future of winemaking.

During the event, we held a pitch to present WINEGRID monitoring solutions to winemakers and engineers from Australia and around the globe. Moreover, a variety of conferences took place during the fair, which highlighted topics such as CO2 reuse from ferments, de-alcoholisation, ferment, and level sensors, ultrafiltration, automated wine CO2 adjustment, biocontrol to reduce chemical use, bottle washing and refilling, and a novel winery design.

The event was organized by Winery Engineering Association (WEA), an association dedicated to winery engineers, technicians, operators, winemakers, and suppliers, focused on industry best practices, innovation, and networking