August 30, 2021

Quality Policy

Watgrid Management System is a strategic tool to develop and offer an excellent integrated service, and also ensures appropriate technical means and a specialized support and care of a highly qualified human resources team.

Watgrid aims to:

• Promote and encourage the involvement of all employees and third parties, to achieve the quality objectives, through integration, training, standards compliance and efficient communication.
• Foster relationships with suppliers and partners based on trust, ensuring clients needs.
• Increase and support customer satisfaction, meet different needs and expectations.
• Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements in all areas of operation.
• Promote continuous innovation, through the creation of new products and the improvement of processes and products in order to overcome market demands and to create competitive advantage, offering the maximum value at the lowest price.
• Continually challenge to improve the management system to ensure a global service of excellence.

In this context, the Management System guarantees compliance with the Watgrid Quality Policy and, whenever considered relevant, it will be updated according to the needs of the company and the market.