WINEGRID BP1011 Château Ad Francos

WINEGRID at Château Ad Francos

In September WINEGRID visited Château Ad Francos, a winery in France, France, that takes place in a picturesque castle dating back to 570 AD. This winery carries out the whole vinification process in barrels and chooses to use brand new barrels.

WINEGRID e-charmat

WINEGRID launched e-charmat

WINEGRID DEVELOPED A NEW SOLUTION TO MONITOR SPARKLING WINES PRODUCTION WITH CHARMAT METHOD. Now WINEGRID completes its set of solutions for the second fermentation process, in which e-aphrom, optimized for bottles, covers the champenoise method and the new e-charmat is designed for charmat method, in tanks. It’s a key solution for sparkling wine and champagne producers, who will now be able to monitor the evolution of pressure in tanks anytime and anywhere. The[...]

winegrid - reussir article

WINEGRID mentioned in REUSSIR Vigne

Once again, WINEGRID has been mentioned in press. This time in French market, in an article regarding “connected density meters”. REUSSIR Vigne is a French wine industry magazine dedicated to winegrowers and winemakers, in which you can find worldwide news and the latest innovations of this industry.

winegrid - pompNL article

WINEGRID highlighted in POMP NL

After attending Hannover Messe 2022, WINEGRID has been highlighted in POMP NL, a Dutch industrial trade journal, as “an example of practical creativity, specialized in smart technology for oenology”. Fred Franssen also mentions in the article that “Despite the artisanal nature of winemaking, WINEGRID’s technology allows for a more efficient process, consistent quality and increased profitability.”.

WINEGRID - DerDeutscheWeinbau article

New article about WINEGRID in “Der Deutsche Weinbau”

  The German leading trade magazine in the fields of viticulture, oenology and wine marketing Der Deutsche Weinbau just published an article on WINEGRID solutions.

winegrid at gala vinhos Dão

WINEGRID attended “Os Melhores Vinhos do Dão”

On July 8th, WINEGRID attended the “Os Melhores Vinhos do Dão”( Best Dão Wines) ceremony at Solar do Vinho do Dão, in Viseu. Besides sponsoring this relevant event to the wine sector in Portugal, WINEGRID, along with Ana Abrunhosa, minister for territorial cohesion, awarded to the winner of the competiton, Casa da Passarella for their wine Villa Oliveira Vinha[...]

winegrid at vitic

WINEGRID attended Vi-Tic – Château Luchey-Halde

  On June 28th, WINEGRID attended the Vi-TIC event by INNO’VIN at Château Luchey-Halde, France. Winegrowers, advisors and other vine and wine professionals from New Aquitaine, students and teachers, came and discovered digital and robotic innovations for winegrowing through a tour in the heart of the Château Luchey-Halde vineyard (Mérignac). A large part of the[...]

winegrid at winetech


Between 27 – 29 June, WINEGRID was present at WINETECH 2022 in Adelaide, Australia. A three day event hosted by the Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference (AWITC), the Wine Industry Suppliers Australia (WISA) and Expertise Events. Click here to find the exhibitors list and search “WINEGRID” to find our landing page.