May 24, 2024

Transição digital das empresas

The project consists of the conception and execution of go-to-market activities to ensure the acceptance of the Winegrid system in the market, the system for remote and multiparametric monitoring in real time of winemaking, whose vision is “The Digital Winery”. The activities involve the development and planning of WINEGRID’s communication in different markets, within the EU and internationally, and the conduct of a cost-benefit comparative study of the Winegrid solution. The comparative study will demonstrate the effectiveness and quality of wine production with Winegrid compared to the standard control fermentation process. Both initiatives are necessary and fundamental to test the business model, build credibility, streamline commercial penetration, and enhance results in various markets.

Designação do projeto: Winegrid – Global Brand
Código do projeto: 10/C16-i02/2022.P3518
Objetivo principal: Desenvolvimento e implementação da “Adega Digital”.
Entidades copromotoras: IAPMEI

Data de aprovação:
Data de início: 22/11/2021
Data de conclusão: 30/09/2025
Custo total elegível: 30 000€
Co-financiado pela União Europeia: 30 000€