June 18, 2018

Privacy Policy

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I confirm that I know about the gathering and treatment of my personal data in the terms exposed on the Privacy Policy. I give my consent and recognize that I can take it back later.


Watgrid is a high-tech start-up company providing R&D expertise and innovative products for liquid quality and quantity assessment. With a strong spirit of adaptability and innovation among the team, the company has extended its portfolio of solutions from water, to fuel and wine. Specifically, in the wine market has developed a highly differentiated system, Winegrid, which can monitor key parameters during the wine production with real-time data analysis.

Contact information

Email: info@watgrid.com
Phone number: (+351) 234 247 192
Watgrid, Lda.
PCI · Creative Science Park – Aveiro Region
Via do Conhecimento, Edifício Central, 3830-352 Ílhavo


Privacy Policy

All the data is gathered and treated with your consent.
Your information will be exclusively used for the purposes you consented. At any time, you can take back your consent of personal data treatment, but it could compromise the activities of the company.
Your personal data will be stored until you require its elimination. At any time, you have the right to oblivion. Also, you can require a copy of your personal data and give it to other companies.
At Watgrid all security measures are taken to assure the compliance with the principles of privacy and data protection right from the start. If any security violation that represents a risk for you or for your personal information happens, you will be notified as soon as possible.
If you want to submit any complaint, you can present it in National Commission for Data Protection.

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